New York City's FABULOUS
Broadway Cabaret Singer
and Tour Guide

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In her “superbly structured act…… this
pro nails her moments…. Marta Sanders
succeeds on all levels.”
Rob Lester Feb 2010 - Cabaretscenes

“Unquestionably one of the best singers
in or out of cabaret.”
- The New York Post

“a one woman dynamo…”
- The News
Marta The Tour Guide

  • "Marta, a BIG THANK YOU for being a
    wonderful Tour Guide and providing
    so many informational pieces that
    make New York City the great city it is.
    There was not one area missed.
  • Most certainly, the major highlight of
    the complete trip was NYC and that
    was due to your professionalism and
    knowledge of the city which you are so
    excited to share with visitors. Many of
    our travelers had not been to New York
    City and the over-view you provided
    was fantastic.
  • Again, Marta, a special thank you for
    your time, expertise and your caring to
    share 'your city'."

-Fran Barr, Senior Circle Tour Leader
  South Baldwin, AL.
Marta NYC
" With passion as my catalyst & laughter as my oxygen, I continue to live on
the West Side of Manhattan & nourish all my loves." --
Marta Sanders-Cooper
Webmaster: Gordon Cooper & Curt Ward - CNG Class'67
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“Cabaret legend Marta
Sanders… has never lacked
for elegance, finesse or vocal
richness… Sanders has
somehow aged like fine
wine.” Andrew Martin
Dec 2011 -
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"A Diva, a singer and a
happy housewife, you can
almost always count on
Marta Sanders for
something cool . . . and
raunchy, like the special
material written for her by
Michael Greer, “Hunk on the
Bus” – hmmm delectable"
Sandi Durell
Feb 2012 - NY Theater
Read the
full review of
Mark Nadler's Broadway
Fundraiser for "Help is on
the Way"
February 27th, 2012
“Marta Sanders is a queen of clowning. And when a clown can unexpectedly break
your heart by dropping the shenanigans to be real and tender, it's potent. There's
pizzazzy panache throughout Panache.”

Rob Lester
Dec 201
2 - Sound Advice
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